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Workshop Objective

Part 1: Create an understanding of the Activity Based Costing concept, steps to built an Activity-Based Costing model and what the Key Succes Factors are.

Part 2: Building a high level Activity Based Costing model for (a part of) your organisation and get a clear view on what can be achieved and determine if the results will be valuable for you.

The exact content of the workshop will be taylored to your needs.

Who should participate?

Any person with interest in Activity Based Costing.

Future Activity-Based Costing project leader and teammembers

Project sponsor.

Financial manager.

Operations manager.

Project stakeholders (we help you determine who they are).

Number of participants

Max 12 persons.


This is an inhouse workshop at your premises.


Because the Activity Based Costing workshop will be taylored to your needs, the costs depends on:

  • the time needed to prepare the workshop (mainly depending on information available)
  • if you prefer a half-day or full-day workshop.

More information?


Send us an email to:

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