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Who are we?

We keep a record of professionals with experience in implementing Activity Based Costing and Management. We regularly receive questions about Activity-Based Costing from different countries and Industries. These questions are related to the need for experienced ABC (interim) resources or ABC advisory.

Are you an Activity Based Costing Professional?
If you are interested to be contacted for work in the field of Activity-Based Costing / Management and you have experience, please send us your:

  • Name and contact details.
  • Brief explanation of your ABC/M experience.
  • The Industry you are specialised in.
  • ABC software you have worked with.
  • Country you live in.

Are you looking for an Activity Based Costing Professional or an Activity-Based Costing software specialist?

We can help you. Send us your contact details and let us know what professional you are looking for. We will get in contact with you.





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