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What is the contribution to my organisation of an Activity Based Costing quick scan?

If you don't want a full indepth Activity-Based Costing model but a one-time high level Activity Based Costing overview of (parts of) your organisation in a short period and you don't have the experience with it, an Activity-Based Costing quick scan realised by experienced Cost Consultants is certainly an interesting opportunity!


What does a quick scan mean?

We show you the main causal relations between costs, activities and your products and services.

What can I do with it?

  • Your can have your thoughts and feelings about costs and profitability of the current activities and products confirmed or disagreed before taking any action.
  • The results can be used for a one time unit cost for high level defined products and services to analyse current pricing or for budget purposes.
  • Although the results are not detailed, it will help you decide if further investigation can be usefull and you will know what the effort will be.

How much time is involved for this Activity Based Costing quick scan?

An Activity-Based Costing quick scan can be realised in six consultant days. It will be necessary that specific data is available. With a number of interviews and collected data the modelling can start. In this quick scan 10/15 high level activities and 10/15 high-level product/service groups will be defined. The total time involved depends on the available information and can vary between six days to six weeks.

What are the costs?

The costs of a quick scan are fixed. Contact us for more information.

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